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Nueva Renca, a combined cycle power plant located in the city of Santiago. Owned by the Eléctric society of Santiago, and controlled by AES Gener.


The EPC for the 370 MW 1 + 1 configuration plant, STAG 109FA, was awarded to the GE - Mitsui consortium, and its core equipment includes a General Electric 9FA frame gas turbine and a General Electric steam turbine.

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coal-fired power station

santa maría

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The Santa María I thermoelectric plant, owned by Colbún and located in the city of Coronel, VIII region; It has a capacity of 370 MW.


The main equipment of the plant is the GE D5, 42 ’LSB steam turbine and the GE TEWAC model 450H generator, both manufactured by General Electric in Schenectady, NY.

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hydroelectric plant


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Photovoltaic power station


Consulta la eficiencia energética
Planta fotovoltaica santa isabel
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