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Gas Turbine Repairs

MD&A is a full-service gas turbine provider. MD&A Turbine-Generator Repair Facility offers full capabilities for your gas turbine rotor maintenance and end of life assessment. It also has an elevator system to perform a full gas turbine rotor and compressor unstack and restack.


Steam Turbine Repairs

MD&A has been providing steampath turbine repairs services for more than three decades. Their engineers make steam turbine repair recommendations based upon the owner’s intended operating plans for the unit.


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Generator Repairs

MD&A provides comprehensive refurbishment and repair of large utility and industrial generator stators and fields, and high-voltage bushing refurbishment. MD&A provide turnkey overhaul of water, hydrogen and conventionally-cooled utility generators up to 1300 megawatts. Their Turbine-Generator Repair facility has two new generator clean rooms to accommodate multiple field rewinds at a time.

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