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MV & LV Voltage Utility Solutions

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Low Voltage Utility


The current transformers used in low voltage for both commercial and industrial applications provided by GE, are found with a Frequency between 50-60 Hz, under an isolation level (BIL) between 10-110kV, they comply with the IEEE C57.13- 2008 and IEEE C12.11 dimension standards, also with ISO 9001 certification.

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Medium Voltage Utility Solutions

All GE MV transformers meet IEEE C57.13-2008 insulation level standards and IEEE C12.11 dimension standards, and are ISO 9001 certified. A wide variety is offered in the selection of MV transformers for applications both for exterior and interior between voltage range 5-69 kV with Frequency 50-60 Hz.

GE’s ITI business provides a complete line of instrument transformers for the electrical utility industry, offering customers a broad choice in selecting MV instrument transformers.

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